Why you should avoid Photoshop for print design

My intention is not to degrade the great Photoshop, I just want to tell you why you should use it only for image manipulation and not for brochures or any other print design.

Let us face it, Photoshop is a great tool and it is the one of the first software kids are learning today. They download it from torrents and then play with it. By the way, have you wander why Adobe’s software protection is the same for ages? Well, it is nice when you have army of kids that know to use your software and they will grow up. That is good, because Adobe without Torrents would not exists.

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Deborah Sussman died at 83

Deborah Sussman died at the age of 83

Deborah Sussman, designer, died at the age of 83. It is a sad news. Let me tell you few things about her…

Although I wasn’t so familiar with the work of Deborah Sussman after seeing the news that she left us, I felt the need to write this short post about her and to present to my readers how important and interesting person she was.

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Template shop is born

Themzy - Template Shop logo

Yup, I have decided. I have woke up one morning and told to myself: “I have to do it.” What, you ask? Well, this template shop. I was so angry about so much web and yet, no trace of some good printing templates and resources. Not everything I was trying to find is adequate for today’s demanding market. 

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