Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment.

By becoming an affiliate, you will promote our products that you think your audience could like. It is so much better than other advertising programs, because you are in control of the promotions that appear on your site.

Your only job is to recommend our products to your audience and make them click on link to our site.

Whether you put banners, write about us, or put us in your store... it is all up to you. We track those clicks and we know customers came from your site, and if they buy something in the next 120 DAYS, commission of 30% is yours.

Who is this affiliate program for?

For Bloggers

It is not an easy job to make such a big audience. Monetize your hard work blogging. Show yor readers our products and if they buy it, we share profit.

Online shop owners

Rocket high sales of your current complementary products by promoting our goods. Plus earn commission on our products.

Mailing Lists Owners

You own a designers mailing list? Why not earn some money along the way. Just offer some of our products, and who knows, sky is the limit.

Another Idea?

Sure we don't know everything! That's why you exist, smarty. Tell us your idea, how we can join forces, and apply for affilitate account.

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Want to know more?

Does it cost to become affiliate?

No. It is absolutely free to become our affiliate. Only thing you need to have is an good audience that can be interested in our products.

How much do you get?

Since we are just starting our program we will be generous. Your commission will be 30%! (Limited time offer)

May I promote on more sites?

Yes. As long as you respect our guidelines you can promote on as much sites as you like, without limitations. (Banners, links, blogs...)


You will receive payments monthly. If you make a lot of sales, we can arrange that to be shorter.

How to be successful?

Target your audience. Visits without purchase are worthless. Be friendly and kind to your readers, be helpful. Write nicely about our products.

Should we steal?

No. Look, I have even put my face on these pages, I do not want to ruin my name. I am honest and I expect that from you.

Using our simple but powerful control panel, you can generate URLs, track earnings, track statistics, download banners etc. You always know how much money you are making.

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