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This template has more than 65 styles you need to make your work easier.


Everything set for printing. You can even choose among various book formats.


Making ebook also? Then grab Pro version with Ebook Kit included.

A Giant Playground

Made with pro features but also with beginners in mind.

3 Sizes Included!

You do not need to worry if you decide to change the book size after you purchase the template.

Three most popular book formats are already included in this template, so you can easily try & decide which book size you want to use.

Formats Included:

5.25″ x 8″ in
5.5″ x 8.5″ in
6″ x 9″ in

eBook Kit

* Included in Pro version only

Professional version of this template is prepared document to be exported to ebook (epub and mobi – Kindle format). Everything is tagged, so your export can be flawless.

Also there is custom CSS with all Paragraph and Character Styles included. All you need to do is to fill up empty css selectors with your customisations, and do add that CSS during ePub export.

Supported Technologies:

ePub, Kindle, CSS

Forementioned technologies are
property of their respected owners.

Cover Template

Should you judge the template by its covers?

Maybe you should not judge about the book by its covers, but when we speak about the template you really should.

That is why this book template have cover template included. Everything is set up, and you can easily change template parameters. (i.e. If you want book with more pages)


* Included in Pro version only

If you are working for client or you are independent, selfpublish, author, after you finish typesetting your book, you’ll be probably be running across the internet looking for some mockup

Don’t do it again! Professional version of this template contains 5 Hi-Res, original mockups of your book covers, so you can present it to your clients or public.


A Closer Look at Design

Just quickly browse trough this gallery to check the design
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About Our Template

important features & other stuff

Before you make the intelligent decision of buying this template, you may need more information about the template.
We have a nice list of features for you. Take a look.

Paragraph Styles

When you open Paragraph Styles you will find more than 65 categorized styles. Bigger sets have “Default” paragraph style for styles from that set.

Character Styles

Included Character Styles for essential text typesetting. Many Paragraph Styles are using this styles foor some parts.

Baseline Grid

This template have a baseline grid which spacing is set exactly half the leading of the paragraph text. (approx. 7pt).

Master Pages

No need to tell you how important are master pages. We have separated layout from master page with overlay items.


We have included few layers, so you can easily turn of overlay elements like page numbers and running header.

Table of Contents

Do not waste your time on making table of contents, we have done it already. All TOC styles included. Just play!

Library Items

To ensure you can do everything from scratch, you’ll find library with page layout, so you can just drag&drop.

Table Styles

Basic table style is also included, and is applied even in ebook css kit, so your tables can look good in ePub.

Ebook (Pro)

Tagged Paragrah Styles so you can easily export ebook. CSS Style included, just change it and apply it on export.

Cover Template

Cover Template in InDesign is included, so you can easily make your covers ready for printing or PDF export.

Mockups (Pro)

Basic table style is also included, and is applied even in ebook css kit, so your tables can look good in ePub.

3 Sizes Included

Three most popular formats, so you do not need to worry if you decide to change the book size after you purchase.


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3 sizes Included
65+ Paragraph Styles
Cover Template
- Use it in 1 Project
- No eBook Kit
- No Mockup

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3 sizes Included
65+ Paragraph Styles
Cover Template
+ Use in Unlimited Projects
+ eBook Kit Included
+ Mockup PSD Included

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